Few Words About Us

'Kinetibeb', meaning Fine Arts in Amharic, is inspired by the first fine arts school in Ethiopia.

Kinetibeb Studios is a studio that collaborate professional artists and designers to provide quality art and design services. Our services include photography, videography, graphic design, web design, and more. We also offer free consulting for all potential clients.

The idea of 'Kinetibeb Studios' started about 11 years ago when the founding members of our studio were in college. The countless hours of meetings and planning finally became a reality soon after college. We started taking projects online without having a store front or a commercial studio. It took four years of constant hard work before we opened our studio/store in 20011 in Radford, VA. There, we worked with several clients including the local community, businesses and Redford University. After five years at our Radford location, we moved to the DMV (DC MD VA) area about a year ago. That's why we say 'it's been 10 years but it feels like 1.'

Even though we are located in the DMV area, we take clients all over the world and travel when necessary. We take projects in person, online, and/or over the phone.


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- Fitsum Assefa

Fitsum is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, where he studied Animation and Visual Effects. He is our production manager in both our video/motion graphics and web design studios. 

- Alemneh Amare

Alemneh is a graduate of NVCC, where he studied Photography. He is our lead photographer and production manager at our photography studio.

- Suleiman Shifaw

Suleiman is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, where he studied graphic design. He is our graphic design studio's production manager. 

- Bezawit Assefa

Beza is a graduate of Radford University,  where she studied Finance.  She's our sales manager.