KinePhoto - Project 2 - Examples

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Hello lovely people, our first project turned out to be great, a lot better and more fun that most of us imagined. Thank you so much for joining the group. Let's give bi-weekly shoot a shot and see if we like it, ብለን ነበር አልተሳካም። Therefore, our next shoot is going to be on August 9th.

“Light” is our second subject. Light is as important as, if not more important than color in photography. Take your time and take pictures of different lighting. It could be a morning sunlight casting a long shadow or a side lamp illuminating whatever is by your bedside or a professionally balanced 3-way lighting (key light, fill light and back light) etc. You can stage your set or shoot run-and-gun. See the following examples for reference and inspiration. I know we all want to learn a bit, but don’t forget that we are here to have fun so go nuts and enjoy your shots.

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